I put up this website to speak my voice and maybe make a few bucks selling sextoys. A long time ago I had a Youtube channel called "SexToy Stan". I worked it hard and posted a lot of videos containing no more them hundreds of other sextoy videos on youtube. I started making money as people were going to my Sextoy Store! But, someone kept gigging my videos and Youtube kept taking them down until they finally toasted my whole channel! Well, I now have my own video sharing website! So, to those who silenced me before.....eat shit and die motherfucker! - SexToy Stan!

I post commentary videos on a wide multitude of subjects and YES, I sell sex toys too! Although I try to keep a civil tongue, there are subjects that piss me off and my emotions flare up. I provide an adult community where others can share, make friends and maybe learn new things! I am expanding the site as quickly as possible, but I work a full time job so it's kind of hard sometimes. The success of this website venture depends solely on your participation. Obviously this is an adults only experience! The world can be a cold and lifeless experience, especially as we get older, which begs the need for a warm friendly place to go on those cold nights. I hear ya and am doing my best to create such a place.

Everyone loves music! It's an international language all of it's own. When I was young living in the 1960's I was in bands as a lead singer and guitar player. I even met one of the Birds! That was so cool. Crazy and wild nights of drinking, having fun and YES, lots of SEX! God do I miss those days. So, in a small way, I/WE can revisit those memories via music! But, there's that Fair Use question of Copyrighted material. I try not to use over 10 seconds of material and for the purpose of bringing it to the attention of the public, criticism or parody.

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Some people might wonder why I don't do Sextoy Reviews. Well, there are already tens of thousands of people out there doing that already! I had to do some soul searching as to what I'm good at and taking a serious look at the world today through the eyes of a down to earth person won out. I don't claim that my views are always correct, there may be parts of a story that I know nothing about, which would lead to errors in my reporting or criticism. I've lived a long time, seen and done just about everything. I was up to my ass in death in Vietnam, homeless for years wondering the streets, and been married several times. The rest you will just have to guess at. I try to tackle issues that mean something to me! I mean what would be the point if they didn't. My politics are simple. I'm a fiscal and military conservative, but a social liberal. 


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